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Please note that Stax Living products are exclusively sold through our own showrooms, which are indicated in this section of the website. Any quotation of Stax Living products from unauthorized parties who are not listed on this website must be considered doubtful and unofficial. We do not guarantee the originality, quality, and safety of products quoted by unauthorized parties, and therefore, we disclaim any responsibility for them.


Our stores

Transforming into immersive brand narratives, the mono brand showrooms emerge as extraordinary exhibition spaces, flawlessly articulating the essence of the brand. Within these refined architectural enclaves, the collections' abundance and magnificence are artfully showcased, crafting an unparalleled and genuine brand encounter.

Meticulously curated materials and thoughtfully chosen furnishings and lighting elements harmoniously collaborate to shape immaculate display realms, epitomizing excellence. The network of flagship stores continues to flourish, with imminent expansions slated across numerous global metropolises, poised to captivate an international audience.